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Same Day Delhi Agra Tour

Same Day Delhi Agra Tour By Car: Using a car in Agra can be a great way to visit many of the sites in the city. The city is full of beautiful architecture and a car will help you to get around easily. There are a number of different things you can see in Agra, including the Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort.

Taj Mahal

Visiting the Taj Mahal is an amazing experience. The best way to see the monument is to take a guided tour. A guide can be very helpful and will tell you all about the history of the monument and tell you where to get the best photos. It is also good to have a good attitude.

A guide can also help you avoid scams. While the Taj Mahal is a great monument to see, it can also be a bit of a tourist trap. There are more than three thousand touts that offer services to tourists. Some will attempt to sell you overpriced souvenirs or try to scam you into buying something that you don't need.

Our tour guide will also help you get through the security line. The Taj has many different security measures in place. If you have a large bag, you may want to store it outside of the monument. There are also lockers near the monument where you can leave it.

You will also want to wear breathable clothing. The Taj can get very hot during the day. If you are visiting in July or August, you should avoid the middle of the day. You may want to plan a tour in the morning. The monument is less crowded in the morning.

The best time to visit the Taj Mahal is between October and December. If you want to avoid the crowds, you should arrive before 10 am.

The Taj Mahal is also one of the seven wonders of the world. It was constructed by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. It took him more than two decades to complete the monument. The monument is made from white marble. It also contains carvings and finely detailed stone works. The monument is also very symmetrical.

A guide will also tell you about the history of the Taj. This is especially important if you are traveling with children.

The Taj has three entrance gates. The gate that opens before sunrise is the best time to visit. The entrance fee is different at each gate.

Agra Fort

Whether you are a tourist visiting Agra or a local who loves exploring monuments, Agra Fort Tour by car with free guide is a must-visit experience. Agra Fort is one of the most beautiful forts in India and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fort is located on the banks of the River Yamuna and is a fusion of both Muslim and Hindu architectural styles.

You will have a private driver for the day who will pick you up from your hotel in Delhi. The tour will include two hours of guided tour at Agra Fort. After the tour, you will have a lunch break at a local restaurant. You will also have a chance to explore local crafts and art. You will then check into your hotel in Jaipur. The tour ends around 8PM-9PM.

The Agra Fort tour also includes an inlay demonstration by a local artist. You will also have the chance to see various historic sites inside the fort. It is also home to two mosques and audience halls. There are also many tunnels.

The first building in the fort to use marble was the Musamman Burj, which is a marble structure built by Emperor Shah Jahan. It features intricate carvings and mirror mosaics.

The Khas Mahal is another famous structure in the fort. It was once a summer home of royalty. The palace has intricate carvings and is made of marble and marble inlaid work. The pillars have floral carvings and gold and semi-precious stones.

Agra Fort is a great place to explore and learn about the history of Agra and its monuments. You can also enjoy the sound and light show. The fort is a popular tourist destination in India and is known as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. You will be able to get tickets to visit the fort and the Taj Mahal. The tickets are available online for Indians and foreigners. You can also buy tickets for the fort at the entrance of the fort.

Agra Fort is a magnificent structure that resembles a walled city. There are two entrances that are walled shut. One is the North Gate and the other is the Southern Gate. The North Gate is under the control of the Indian Army while the Southern Gate is open to tourists.

Agra Food Tour

Taking an Agra food tour is a good way to discover the delicious hidden culinary treasures of the city. The food tour consists of 12- 15 dishes in total. You'll get to try various types of Paans, samosas, sweets, aloo sabzi, masala chai tea in a clay pot and a number of other dishes. The tour is also accompanied by an English speaking guide who will take you to the best local food joints.

The Agra food tour also includes pick-up and drop-off services. You'll be picked up from your hotel and taken to your destination. The food tour lasts about 3-4 hours. It includes visits to seven to nine food joints and shops. Some of the foods you'll try include chaat, aloo sabzi, sweets, masala chai tea, crispy puris and dairy products.

Agra's food culture is rooted in the Mughals. There are various types of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes on offer. You'll also get to sample a number of local handicrafts and desserts.

The food tour will also include a private cooking class. This cooking class is a great way to learn the art of Indian cooking at your own pace. You'll need to book a seat at least 24 hours in advance. You'll need to present a valid booking reference number. You can ask the guide to explain certain Indian recipes.

In addition to the food tour, you'll also get to see some of Agra's must-see monuments. The two main landmarks are the Taj Mahal and Mehtab Bagh. Depending on your preference, you can take a sunrise tour or a sunset tour.

The tour is also customized to suit your tastes. You can choose to see only the Taj or you can visit some of the other monuments that are also on the itinerary. You'll be accompanied by an English speaking guide who will be happy to show you around. The price of the tour includes pick-up and drop-off services.

Agra is an ancient city that boasts a rich history and dramatic heritage. The city is a part of the famous Golden Triangle tour circuit.

Same Day Delhi Agra Tour

During the tour, you will be able to see the best monuments in Agra. You will have access to Taj Mahal, the Agra Fort, and Mehtab Bagh. You will also have the opportunity to go to the Taj Mahal night viewing tour, which is only available on certain days. You will also have the option of customizing your tour to suit your needs.

The city of Agra was once the seat of Mughal emperors. Mughals were great patrons of arts and crafts. Their rulers built beautiful palaces and gardens. The Agra Fort, also known as the Magnificent Red Sandstone, was built by the third Mughal emperor, Akbar.

During the tour, you will be greeted by your executive at the train station. He will then give you a brief of your itinerary. This tour will include pickup from your hotel, as well as transportation to the monuments. The journey will take around three hours, and you will have a lunch break on the way.

The city of Agra is famous for its handicrafts, including softstone inlay work, leather and brassware. The Taj Mahal, the Agra Fort, the Tomb of Itmad-ud-Daulah, and the Mehtab Bagh are some of the most famous monuments in the city. You can also view the monuments from your phone.

You can also have the opportunity to see the Taj Mahal during a sunrise view. This tour allows you to visit the monument at an early hour, and you will have less people inside. This will also give you the opportunity to see the main dome of the Taj Mahal.

The tour includes a private car and English-speaking driver. You will be able to see the monuments and attractions of Agra from a comfortable ride on the Yamuna Expressway. If you have any questions about your tour, feel free to ask your executive.